Wendy Tan on the Merging and Clashing of Influences Wendy Tan Shiau Wei is a twenty-two year old freelancer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She focuses on illustration and storyboarding in her artwork, but she also has a strong background in multimedia design. The illustrations she makes are quite telling,... P: 09/07/2017 Comments: 0 R: 12/07/2017 Read more Art behind Ori and the Blind Forest That said, I am still surprised by how well everything worked out in the end considering the circumstances. I would have never thought that a project of this scale and complexity would be manageable over the internet... P: 04/10/2015 Comments: 0 R: 25/04/2017 Read more He Always Wanted to Be an Illustrator Stavros Damos was born in Thessaloniki, where he studied graphic design at the AAS College of Art & Design. Stavros specializes in illustration, and has been developing a recognizable style since he was in high school. His clients are primarily... P: 10/10/2015 Comments: 0 R: 25/04/2017 Read more R&Ding With Riot Games' Geoffrey Ernault Geoffrey Ernault is a French concept artist based in Los Angeles. He’s currently working on R&D for Riot Games, so there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing his ideas come to life in the near future. Of course, this isn’t... P: 25/11/2017 Comments: 0 R: 09/12/2017 Read more
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