Vadim Shchepilov About the Art of Ori and the Will of the Wisps Vadim Shchepilov was born and raised in Ukraine, which is where he’d spend most of his youth dreaming about becoming a graphic designer while working his day job. Once he learned to use Photoshop, he realized that this kind... P: 18/06/2020 Comments: 0 R: 18/06/2020 Read more Greg Rutkowski on Rethinking His Approach to Art Greg Rutkowski has been our friend for five years now, but he’s been a friend to the online art community for much longer. This is why we’ve decided to invite him back for a catch-up interview on Vox Groovy... P: 16/04/2020 Comments: 0 R: 16/04/2020 Read more In the Studio With David Longdon Our first interview with David Longdon was published in the winter of 2018, and since then, both he and Big Big Train became household names for RVG and its most faithful listeners. Fast-forward two years and you’ll find us... P: 14/03/2020 Comments: 0 R: 16/03/2020 Read more A Wander in Search of Something New Scrolling through ArtStation’s “picks” section every week since the site’s founding has allowed me to make a number of observations about the entertainment industry and the artists who adorn it with its echoing aesthetic. Today, we only have time... P: 14/07/2019 Comments: 0 R: 15/07/2019 Read more
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