Simona Hromadová on Freelance Simona Hromadová was born and raised in Veľký Krtíš, a small town in the south of Slovakia. She'd go on to move to London a few years after finishing high school, and she'd live there for thirteen years. Her... P: 03/11/2015 Comments: 0 R: 01/04/2016 Read more Plane Groovy and the Magic of Vinyl In the early 2010s, we began to read about the vinyl revival, and now, in 2018, it looks as though it’s here to stay. But why are we telling you about vinyls? The answer is simple—our team is filled... P: 06/11/2018 Comments: 0 R: 18/01/2019 Read more Thomas Rohlfs on Artistic Growth, Change and a Willingness to Try Whenever you ask, “what’s the top city for artists to live in?” There will always be a good number of people who’ll default to saying, “Amsterdam”. And there’s a myriad of real reasons for that. After all, the city... P: 13/04/2019 Comments: 0 R: 13/04/2019 Read more Art behind Ori and the Blind Forest That said, I am still surprised by how well everything worked out in the end considering the circumstances. I would have never thought that a project of this scale and complexity would be manageable over the internet... P: 04/10/2015 Comments: 0 R: 25/04/2017 Read more
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