Thomas Rohlfs on Artistic Growth, Change and a Willingness to Try Whenever you ask, “what’s the top city for artists to live in?” There will always be a good number of people who’ll default to saying, “Amsterdam”. And there’s a myriad of real reasons for that. After all, the city... P: 13/04/2019 Comments: 0 R: 13/04/2019 Read more How To Paint a Portrait of Your Favourite Game Composer I have a love-hate relationship with tutorials promising the secrets to drawing idyllic flaxen locks, glossy anime eyeballs, or more abstract themes like “how to draw scifi”. It’s well-intentioned that others are trying to get people’s art from point... P: 20/04/2016 Comments: 0 R: 27/07/2019 Read more Christopher Schiefer on the Importance of Advice and Guidance Christopher Schiefer is a young Concept Artist, currently living in Chemnitz, Germany. Surprisingly, Christopher first discovered digital whilst he was working his old job way back in 2012. “I was working as a Graphics Programmer and a Technical Artist... P: 21/01/2017 Comments: 0 R: 27/07/2019 Read more The Gods Lie (A Vertical Comics Edition) I found a stray copy of The Gods Lie when I was browsing in one of the local bookshops last week. The lovely pastel-coloured cover art caught my eye instantly, which is why I ended up buying it on... P: 05/02/2017 Comments: 0 R: 06/07/2019 Read more
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