Feelings of Sincerity with Jonathan Vair Duncan What is attractive and accessible to the public eye will be a society's natural inclination, so I'm certain strong influence from media is still as present as ever. The most important thing an artist can do about this is... P: 12/11/2015 Comments: 0 R: 23/05/2016 Read more Exclusive: Hunting Down 'Ah-Ha!' Moments With John Grello John Grello is currently living in Georgia, United States, where he works as a concept artist at Tripwire Interactive. He is a very good all-rounder, and it’s clear that he enjoys experimenting with new workflows in his spare time.... P: 05/02/2018 Comments: 0 R: 27/07/2019 Read more Andreas Rocha on Making the Most of Your Patreon Page Andreas Rocha is a Portuguese environment artist who specializes in fantasy and Sci-Fi. He started out with a degree in architecture, but now he’s working as a freelance concept artist whilst creating exclusive content for his sixty-seven patrons. In... P: 03/09/2018 Comments: 0 R: 03/09/2018 Read more Wendy Tan on the Merging and Clashing of Influences Wendy Tan Shiau Wei is a twenty-two year old freelancer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She focuses on illustration and storyboarding in her artwork, but she also has a strong background in multimedia design. The illustrations she makes are quite... P: 09/07/2017 Comments: 0 R: 12/07/2017 Read more
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