Ilse Harting on Developing Her Unique Personal Style Ilse Harting is a freelance character artist and illustrator based in the Netherlands. She recently graduated from ArtEZ University of the Arts, so even though she’s rather well known online, her career is only just beginning. Like a lot of... P: 21/01/2021 Comments: 0 R: 21/01/2021 Read more Purity of Concept and Purity of Art Is the Most Important Thing Whether it’s his collaboration with astronaut Tim Peake and the ESA or his most recent project with Sir David Attenborough, Ilan chooses projects that deliver powerful messages and impactful stories, all of which are highly relevant today. He is a... P: 15/12/2020 Comments: 0 R: 16/12/2020 Read more The Sound of Hades Supergiant Games is the studio behind some of our favourite games here at Vox Groovy. Ever since Transistor (2014) blew our minds with its beautiful aesthetic and unique setting, we’ve been looking forward to each new Supergiant game with great... P: 04/12/2020 Comments: 0 R: 04/12/2020 Read more Eyal Goldstein on Wonderful World of Music Our writing about the world of visual arts allowed us to interview so many amazing artists, but this time, we thought that we ought to invite a handful of musical composers to share their stories, too. One of the first... P: 29/11/2020 Comments: 0 R: 30/11/2020 Read more
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