Gregory Fromenteau's Thirteen Years With Ubisoft Gregory Fromenteau is an Art Director and Illustrator currently working on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (2015) at Ubisoft Montreal. He’s been with the company for over thirteen years now, and he’s had the opportunity to create concepts for fan... P: 08/05/2021 Comments: 0 R: 09/05/2021 Read more Johannes Figlhuber: 10 Years With Airborn Studios Five years ago, we spoke with Johannes Figlhuber about his work on Ori and the Blind Forest (2015). Now he’s back on Vox Groovy to catch up with us and tell us more about the decade he’s spent working at... P: 15/04/2021 Comments: 0 R: 15/04/2021 Read more Florian Coudray About Working on His Favourite Childhood Game Florian Coudray is a 32-year-old freelance concept artist living in Paris, France. In the past, he’s had the opportunity to work on several successful projects in the games industry, creating concept paintings and helping with the visual development while also... P: 09/03/2021 Comments: 0 R: 09/03/2021 Read more Ilse Harting on Developing Her Unique Personal Style Ilse Harting is a freelance character artist and illustrator based in the Netherlands. She recently graduated from ArtEZ University of the Arts, so even though she’s rather well known online, her career is only just beginning. Like a lot of... P: 21/01/2021 Comments: 0 R: 21/01/2021 Read more
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