Jean Brice Dugait About Making a Good Platformer Jean Brice Dugait is a freelance entertainment artist, currently living in Montpellier, France. He has worked on a number of successful video game franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Rayman at Ubisoft before moving on to contributing to Ori and the... P: 14/06/2016 Comments: 0 R: 25/04/2017 Read more Zac Retz: The Nobility of Hard Work Brings Us Higher “Could we get much higher? Could we get much lighter?” We are a radio too, meaning we put the music on the pedestal right next to the stories we publish. Listening to “In high Places” sung by John Roy Anderson... P: 17/08/2020 Comments: 0 R: 22/03/2021 Read more He Always Wanted to Be an Illustrator Stavros Damos was born in Thessaloniki, where he studied graphic design at the AAS College of Art & Design. Stavros specializes in illustration, and has been developing a recognizable style since he was in high school. His clients are primarily... P: 10/10/2015 Comments: 0 R: 25/04/2017 Read more Quy Ho on His Humble Beginnings and Work at Riot Games Quy Ho’s journey to becoming a concept artist wasn’t easy. Conflicting ideas and inner voices pushed this aspiration aside for a long, long time. But despite that, once he realized that nothing else is as important and that he will... P: 24/09/2020 Comments: 0 R: 24/09/2020 Read more
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